a long anticipated necessity

So, recently I have had my eye out for a nice “rose gold” watch. I haven’t been able to come across one that I liked, and refuse to order one online, mainly because I want to see what it looks like on my wrist before I make my decision. Today, whilst shopping for a new purse (which I ended up not finding), I came across a counter of watches that carried my favourite watch brand, Fossil. After browsing through some of the Guess watches, that didn’t quite strike my eye, I came across this watch. (Shown Below)

I was fortunate enough to find a nice rose gold watch that complements my skin tone, and in a short amount of time! Definitely check out the watch online; it’s one of my favourite jewellery purchases so far! (Found the only full rose gold watch left in my area/wasn’t any in the full rose gold left on their website)