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last day of high school

today was my last day of high school, and I decided to keep my look casual. we received our yearbooks, and a portfolio of photos of our grad class. tomorrow, unfortunately, i’ve got a biology exam to write, and thursday a math exam. so technically i’m not completely done, but almost there!

Top Guess, Jeans Hollister, Purse Coach, Watch Fossil


outfit of the day

Today I woke up in a “fashion kind of” mood. So, what happened? I changed my outfit approximately 8 times before I chose this one.

Cardigan Esprit, Cropped Tank Covet, Pearl Necklace & Pearl Earrings, Rose Gold Watch Fossil, Purse Steve Madden, Belt Joe Fresh, Jeans Forever 21

(didn’t realize how dirty my mirror was till I uploaded this photo to my computer… sorry ’bout that)

graduation part 2

Friday was the big day! I can’t believe it is been 5 years of high school gone, but the memories that were made will last forever in our hearts. Thursday, we bussed up for our last bus ride of our highschool days, and headed down to where our ceremony is to be held for a rehersal on the line up. But, the most exciting of all was when we went down to the court house stairs and took our photo for the graduation class of 2012. Friday, we got all dolled up for the real deal, took photos with our dates and friends in the park, and headed down to the ceremony to walk across the stage and receive our diploma. Time has flown by, but I will always remeber grade 11 french when I met my best friends who will forever be in my heart! Love you girls!

GRAD 2012

court house photo (i’m in the front row, right, second one in)

on the bus with alyssa and katie

group shot with the girls and their dates

this one is my all time favourite w/ tim courtney miles and myself

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graduation part 1

It’s almost here, just two weeks away! My graduation is approaching and I am ever so excited! I get to officially live the day that has been in the back of my mind for years. Also, being able to experience my graduation day with all my closet friends, and attend with an amazing friend, is a all I ever wanted!

I decided that since it’s a monday, and there is t-minus 11 days till graduation, here are some sneak previews of my dress!




I’d love to hear what you think about my dress, and if you have graduated, what was the most memorable moment for you on that day.

I’ll keep posting more on my graduation during the next 2 weeks, giving little sneak previews of my whole outfit.

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rachel zoe

There is no word that can describe my epic love for rachel zoe, and The Rachel Zoe Project. Recently, I have been breifly watching the show in my fashion class, but this weekend, after I got home really late, I decided to fall asleep to some rachel zoe shows. Well, I didn’t quite fall asleep, but watched 5 episodes back to back. So, I guess you can see where i’m going here.



If you’re an avid lover of the Rachel Zoe Project, tell me what your favourite episode/season is, i’d love to know!


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outfit of the day

well, here we go again! I spent to much money, but picked up the cutest top and cardigan combo. In the town I live in, there are very slim stores that sell what I like to wear. But, with this local boutique, they have everything in my style range, but sometimes to pricey. This is such a casual look, & I usually pair it with a pair of classic black flats, but nice heels look amazing as well.

Jeans from “Hollister” $1, Black Silk Crepe Tank w/ Scalloped Edges “Covet” $130, Cropped Cream Slub Sweater Cardigan w/ Metal Snaps “Covet” $110

Roberto Vianni Coarse-S Black Pumps $60

Now, you might be wondering if I made a mistake writing in the price for the Hollister jeans. In fact, they were only a dollar! I got them from a consignment store, and they have this $1 rack that sits outside, and everything is only $1, and these Hollister jeans just happened to be on there. Unfortunately, they didn’t fit me at the time, but I wasn’t gonna let them go! (a few rips & tears in them as well that I did, and hopefully there will be a post on that soon!)

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Lately, and almost everyday, there is always some controversy over people with tattoos, or someone thinking about getting ink’d. Most reasons why people want to get a tattoo, is to either remind them of a loved one, something that has great meaning to them, or mainly just because they like it and want it ink’d on their body. To me, a tattoo should symbolize something to you, but most of the time, I think that if you want it, and you’ve thought long and hard about wether you want it on you for life, then go for it! A tattoo doesn’t nessesarly need to have meaning to it, and that’s what I believe is the controversy of tattoos now a days, just because people get tattoos because they love them, and not because they have a deep meaning to them… So what! It’s not your body, so you don’t have to live with it! To the point of this post! Yes, I do have a tattoo. this is what it looks like. (picture below).

fragile bird: “even though you’re strong on the outside, you’re still fragile on the inside”

Now, I know that I have a meaning to my tattoo, but to be honest, it took me a while after I got the tattoo, to really understand the meaning I wanted linked to it. But, now that I have one… I want another! It’s almost like chocolate, its an addiction if you let it be! To be honest, I want one, because I want one! Not that I need one, just another thing that I need to think about what I really want, but I know that I do want to get another. Maybe in addition to the one I already have, or a new addition to my body. I have ideas in mind, and these are some locations i’m thinking of!

on the neck (thinking of the cross tattoo as well, very delicate looking, and always has a meaning)

 on the spine

now this is not going to suit everyone, but I do like the way it looks on the lower abdomen… I know, its a love hate thing!

lower abdomen/hip, now this is one that i’m very interested in!

thigh (if you’re getting your first tattoo, this one is supposed to hurt the least!)

back of the ankle

Now, the one that I show you next, is one that I believe looks the most divine! Even though I probably will never get it, or if I would really want it myself, but the way that it was tattoo’d onto this girls back, my goodness it’s just jaw dropping! Complete inspiration!

So, if you were to get a tattoo, thinking about one, or are getting one in the near future, where & what is it going to be?

I would love to know what you guys are getting, and what you think looks best!

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spring has arrived… briefly!

So, here in British Columbia, and many other places in the world, we have been experiencing the brief spring weather! Where I live, we have been ever so thankful for the on and off days between spring, blistering winds, rain, and occasional snow (epic sarcasim). I love spring for its fashion, and because it is the season right before the best of all season, which in this case is summer. I’ve been eyeing a lot of fashion styles that I will try my best to rock this spring, and posted them below as some inspiration for myself, and you of course!

( bright coloured pants, cream top, & subtle beach waved hair )

( loose knit sweater & one teaspoon shorts, that are just to pricey (the shorts).. for now! )

( colour blocking, so intrigued by this new trend! )

( cape cardigans, for a very casual look )

( logo’d tee & slouchy blazer )

( the “revamped” boyfriend tee, just add a belt to accentuate your waist )

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