Im just as ordinary as the next person, I have my talents, flaws, and most of all uniqueness. Even though i’m still in my teen years, I try to portray a side of myself that is more mature than the standard “nuisance of a teenager” that we’re constantly labeled. A passion of mine has always been fashion, from the shoes I wear, to the top I pick, and all accessories that bind together the look, creates an outside image of a personality that is hopefully persuasive enough to reveal the inside personality. Impatient I believe should have been my middle name, and Eager my first. Getting out there in the world, and experiencing what it truly has to offer, instead of sitting at home eating away my sorrows and watching television show after show, (by all means I have these days and they can be relaxing… until you step onto a scale), is more exhilarating and always mould long lasting memories. You can say i’m a healthy person, I am an avid lover of soccer, been playing it since I was a wee one. Yoga, now that is something that I know I will be adventuring to, and then over to anti-gravity yoga (trust me, lululemon introduced me to that one, its completely possible and sane!). This is who I believe I am, to others that is different, first impressions are key, but you can’t tell another what their first impression of you is going to be, or we would all have billions of friends, and no enemies. Relationships… well thats a different chapter that doesn’t need to be unlocked to at this point. Olivia & Blaine is a warm and comforting blog, and my heart will be forever for filled by all the most amazing and loyal visitors to come.