graduation part 2

by Amanda Wallace

Friday was the big day! I can’t believe it is been 5 years of high school gone, but the memories that were made will last forever in our hearts. Thursday, we bussed up for our last bus ride of our highschool days, and headed down to where our ceremony is to be held for a rehersal on the line up. But, the most exciting of all was when we went down to the court house stairs and took our photo for the graduation class of 2012. Friday, we got all dolled up for the real deal, took photos with our dates and friends in the park, and headed down to the ceremony to walk across the stage and receive our diploma. Time has flown by, but I will always remeber grade 11 french when I met my best friends who will forever be in my heart! Love you girls!

GRAD 2012

court house photo (i’m in the front row, right, second one in)

on the bus with alyssa and katie

group shot with the girls and their dates

this one is my all time favourite w/ tim courtney miles and myself

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