outfit of the day

by Amanda Wallace

well, here we go again! I spent to much money, but picked up the cutest top and cardigan combo. In the town I live in, there are very slim stores that sell what I like to wear. But, with this local boutique, they have everything in my style range, but sometimes to pricey. This is such a casual look, & I usually pair it with a pair of classic black flats, but nice heels look amazing as well.

Jeans from “Hollister” $1, Black Silk Crepe Tank w/ Scalloped Edges “Covet” $130, Cropped Cream Slub Sweater Cardigan w/ Metal Snaps “Covet” $110

Roberto Vianni Coarse-S Black Pumps $60

Now, you might be wondering if I made a mistake writing in the price for the Hollister jeans. In fact, they were only a dollar! I got them from a consignment store, and they have this $1 rack that sits outside, and everything is only $1, and these Hollister jeans just happened to be on there. Unfortunately, they didn’t fit me at the time, but I wasn’t gonna let them go! (a few rips & tears in them as well that I did, and hopefully there will be a post on that soon!)

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