beautiful weekend!

by Amanda Wallace

Apparently I didn’t believe this weekend was going to be all that eventful. I was wrong. The girls, all of my 7 best friends, and I went to my friend Erin’s condo up at Silver Star Mountain. But, before the weekend started at the condo, hence the first photo below, I was stuck in construction holdup on the way to my house, and having a headache that prolonged throughout the whole day, I just wanted to get home and they didn’t let me! On a brighter note, once I arrived at the condo, after getting lost… My friends thought that they would pull a hotel “Zack and Cody” and ride the luggage cart… unfortunately, it had a flat tire! The night went splendidly well. We had great “girl” talk, went to the hot tub on the roof while it was snowing, and drank some wine, whilst we celebrated my friend Erin’s birthday! More exciting fun, we thought that it would be a GREAT idea to go and do the worm in the hallway, turned out that most of us couldn’t do the worm, so instead we laid on our backs and talked the night away! It’s oh so lovely to have such amazing friends, and this weekend was one to remember!

oh, ps, if you didn’t notice by the last photo. I got a really gnarly bruise on my inner left thigh from taking a soccer ball to the leg during saturdays soccer games… it really hurts a lot, but not so much as to when it really happened!

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