my life lately, says my iphone!

by Amanda Wallace

Recently, I haven’t been doing much! But blogging & fashion ideas has been on my mind constantly. I’m in the proccess of getting a Nikon J1 and it’s taking longer than I expected to purchase… I mean, $650, cause you know I have that cash sitting around… not a chance! I hope to have my camera for April 26th, so in the mean time. Enjoy what my iphone has to offer, and a few snipits of what I have been up to lately!

if you haven’t already noticed by the last photo, I am graduating this year! It’s insane how fast life goes by when you aren’t paying attention half the time! There will definitly be a sneek peak of my dress, shoes and accessories when they all arrive! Still waiting on my dress, and it feels like i’ve been waiting forever for it, but in all reality it hasn’t nearly been a month since I bought it! On the contrary, there will be some DIY post coming this week! Can’t wait to share it with everyone, because it’s so simple, and being a fashion lover, this is just perfect for everyone else who loves fashion too! HINT: its an accessory so its simple, yet cute, and you’re able to flaunt it and be proud to say you made it!

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