face & hair (purchase list)

by Amanda Wallace

ONE. Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer TWO. The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover THREE. Benefit POREfessional FOUR. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusion FIVE. Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo SIX. Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Conditioner SEVEN. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Color Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo EIGHT. Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist


I have heard mainly good things about this product. Not so much negativity that emanates from this name other than some skin types react differently to their products, but yet again, doesn’t every product differ from person to person?! Other than that, I am excited to get my hands on this product, mainly because what I have heard so far, is to apply this product to any blemish on your face at night time (before you go to bed), leave it on over night, and by the morning there should be nothing there! Crazy right? But, I shall see for myself!


Recently heard this from a fellow blogger (essiebutton), and have been searching for a good makeup remover that works with gel eyeliners. Various lotions work as eye makeup remover for me, but throughout the past few weeks I have noticed a drastic change in my complexion, and I believe it may be from the lotions. So hopefully I can give the same positive feed back as Estée has for this product. (Picking up the bottle instead of the tube, and in liquid form)


OH how I cannot understand why this product hasn’t intrigued me sooner! My skin, which is pretty clear I might add, tends to have a lot of noticeable pores (blackheads)… and on the nose, chin, and hairline, is where its the worst. Even around my cheekbone area, I’m starting to see more visible pores. This my friends is an issue, mainly because my Graduation is around the corner, and I don’t want my atrocious skin to be the main focus of all photos. I shall hustle to get my hands on this product fast, and hope that I start seeing a difference soon!


For months now, it seems as every commercial I see is about Clean & Clear Morning Burst products. Being the television junkie I am, this product caught my eye, and I need to try it out to justify if this will be a frequent purchase. As I previously mentioned, my skin isn’t horrible, not even the slightest bit bad, BUT.. I have noticed that I’m getting more breakouts that I normally do. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been keeping my diet so healthy lately.. That could be the reason, but I honestly don’t know! So, hopefully once I get my hands on this, try it out.. it its gone! I’ll come back and do a review on it, seeing as this is a product that most guru’s that I have come across, rave about in their skin care videos!


MY HOLY GRAIL ITEM THAT I HAVEN’T PURCHASED IN MONTHS. My sister had purchased a travel kit with this shampoo and conditioner, that included an oil treatment and a hairspray all by the same brand, as a christmas gift for me. It all came packed into a cute bamboo makeup case! FYI the fragrance of this product is a LOVE it or HATE it kind of smell (or at least I think it is), and it just so happens that I didn’t care for it at first, but once I used it a couple of times, it grew on me and I started to love it! Now, the product itself is absolutely to die for! The price… well I could do without. $23 CAD is a bit pricey, but I love it to much to pass it up! This shampoo & conditioner has done wonders to my hair, and my hair is fairly straight, but ever so frizzy at times. I won’t go into to much detail about my hair, and hopefully I will do a review on this product because it’s completely worth it! But no matter what type of hair you have wether it be straight, wavy, curly or coarse, I swear by this product that it will show a change in the texture of your hair (in a good, smooooth way!) after using it a couple times!


I swear by purple shampoos, and that this is exactly what this is! But, it’s main purpose is to take the brassy colour out of your blonde (or brown) hair colour. Because copper/golden colours tend to have a reddish undertone to it, the purple (which is opposite read on the colour wheel) will help balance the unwanted reddish/copper hues in your blonde/brown hair. I haven’t used this particular product, but I have used a purple shampoo by a different brand (which I unfortunately don’t know the name of) and I find that it works wonders to my.. lets just clarify, bleached hair! I want to see if this product lives up to its reviews, which from what I have read, have been a 4 out of 5 rating in my books (from reviews that I have read). BUT BE CAREFUL! Don’t wash your hair with it more than twice a week.. or you will end up like the elderly woman you see with purple/blue tinted hair… YUCK!


The oil treatment that I have been using from this brand is outstanding! Better results than the Moroccan oil I might add! Since I tend to use heat to style my hair (like ever other person), I need to find a heat protectant that not only moisturizes my extremely dry hair, but also protects it from the excessive heat of my hot tools… which is what I believe heat protectants are created to do!! I’ll give this one a try, and hopefully it’s quality compares to the other products that I use from this brand, which I adore.

I’ll be purchasing these items soon, and all products that I do purchase, I will review in a future post wether it be good or bad. But, like I have probably said many times in this post, is that Alterna Bamboo Smooth is a great product despite the cost that tags along with it. I hope this helps current readers who are looking for some face&hair products that might not have been on your radar, but definitely been on mine, that you might want to check out!

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